iGaming Bonus Management Software

WINKA CHARM (Customer Holistic Acquisition and Retention Management), is our in-house bonus engine for managing sportsbook and casino bonuses. CHARM is a unique, flexible and powerful promotional system that is compatible with all of our gaming providers. Whether you want to create a promotion for your online sportsbook, casino or both, CHARM is the ideal Bonus management system.

The features that make CHARM the ultimate Bonus Engine is its ability to offer both manual and automatic bonuses.
By using CHARM, our clients can set specific parameters and conditions to create their ideal automated bonus program. Of course, no Bonus system would be complete without the ability to manually add bonuses. This is an ideal tool to help enhance customer engagement. Just like any of our WINKA services, CHARM is especially made to ensure that your bonus program will be hassle free and easy to implement.

WINKA CHARM: The Most Versatile iGaming Bonus Management System

The Perfect Gaming and Sportsbook
Promotion System

WINKA CHARM aims to give our clients the best gaming bonus management system. Our goal is to help our clients to customize and run the bonuses and rewards they want for their customers. While we have the functionality of allowing manual bonuses, CHARM is the perfect proactive measure for giving customers bonuses when they reach specific milestones in your gaming website.

We at WINKA know how important it is to build a great relationship with your customers. WINKA CHARM does just that by creating specific parameters for bonuses and promotions. Afterwards, the CHARM system will dynamically give bonuses- both manual and automatic.

In addition, our bonus system offers analytic tools and reports which will help you better control customer risk assessment.
Customize and Assign Manual Bonuses
Customize and Assign Manual Bonuses

Our team of WINKA Specialists also know that sometimes, manual bonuses need to be given to your customers. When circumstances are different from the rules you have set in our automated bonus system, you can also give out manual bonuses, which is available in the CHARM dashboard. You can, for example, manually give out bonuses to inactive players to engage and bring them back to your website.

Customize Your Bonus Program
Customize Your Bonus Program

Easily assign casino or sport bonuses to your customers. Our automated bonus management system will help you give your customers bonuses on various events. Some of the bonuses you can give are a welcome bonus, reload bonus, free bet bonus, seasonal bonus, holiday bonus, inactivity bonus, and more.

Easily Create Automated Bonuses
Easily Create Automated Bonuses

With WINKA CHARM, you simply need to set the conditions for automated bonuses, and the software will take care of it. For example, you can create a first deposit bonus program, and customers who will claim the bonus will be granted with the bonus amount. You can choose to grant a fixed amount bonus or a certain percentage based on their deposits.

In addition, you can issue bonuses on certain payment systems. You have the ability to choose bonuses for one or more payment systems that you prefer.

Offer the best bonuses to your customers through our CHARM bonus management software platform.